Dear tango friends. We are very grateful to have met you all and sharing tango and food. The success has been thanks to you and to a large extent also due to the classes and exhibitions of Maja Petrovic - Marko Miljevic and Marina Alcalde - Diego Quispe, to the music of Lucia Lerendegui, Enrique Berraquero, Pepe Ibáñez, Aníbal Sala, Marcel Fabra, Gabriel Folqués, Guillermo Álvarez, Agustín López and Juan José Guillén, to the great special performance of Teresa Tomás, and to the excellent photographs of our photographer Luis Orlando. The exhibitors Hugo Mai, Tango Leike and Sara Bandolera have added value to our festival with their footwear, clothing and accessories. Carlos Gracias has collaborated in the ticket control, Peraballar and Agustín have helped us with their dancers.We do not forget the staff and management of the Olympia Hotel with its magnificent rooms and service available for this festival. Without them, it would not have been possible. To all our thanks and appreciation. We hope you can also excuse us for the mistakes we might have made.

Finally, we would like to see you again the next XVII Valencia Tango Festival. Soon you will receive the details.

The Board of Club Tango Comunidad Valenciana